Monday, May 21, 2012

Newton's translation of the Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes as translated by Sir Isaac Newton (circa 1680 CE)

Tis true without lying, certain & most true. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to ye miracles of one only thing.

And as all things have been & arose from One by ye meditation of One; so all things have their birth from this One thing by adaptation.

The father is the sun, the moon its mother, the wind [air] hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse.

The father of all perfection on ye whole world is here, its force or power is entire if it be converted to earth. Separate thou ye earth from ye fire, ye subtle from the gross sweetly and with great industry.

It ascends from ye earth to ye heaven & again it descends to ye earth and recieves ye forces of things superior & inferior.

By this means you shall have ye glory of ye whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all forces. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing. So was ye world created.

From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof ye means [or process] is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus [the thrice illustrious], having the three parts of ye philosophy of ye whole world.

That which I have said of ye operation of ye sun is accomplished & ended.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Welcome to the blog of Bast Temple (BIOGD/BIORC), Golden Dawn in the Outer, Rosy Cross in the Inner, located in Denver, Colorado.

Bast Temple was formed in 2000, and was an offshoot of the EOEW which started in 1998 as an esoteric school for students in the Denver esoteric community.

Currently, Bast Temple holds monthly meetings for initiation and study of a modified version of the Golden Dawn system (partially based on published information, partially on unpublished oral tradition).

Bast Temple also sponsors and leads the occacional public ritual or class here in Denver, Colorado.

Over the years, our membership has included Christians, Jews, Wiccans, and pagans. Besides members in Denver, Bast Temple over the course of its existence has served members living in Arvada, Wheatridge, Littleton, Breckenridge, Evergreen, and Cheyenne Wyoming.

One of Bast Temple's officers has served as a Proctor for students working their way through the book, Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Tabitha Cicero.

Potential members of Bast Temple have to undergo an initial interview (typically with MDE), attend a meet and greet session, and must be approved by a vote of the current membership before they can become members of the lodge and recieve their forst initiation (Neophye 0=0) and/or attend regular meetings.