Friday, October 5, 2012

A performance of the LBRP

Here is a performance of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, banishing version (LBRP), that I did recently as a test video for a possible series of videos for the lodge, Order and myself. I still need to figure out a better place to do this type of stuff in, given the amount of background noise that you cn hear.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Esoteric History 1875

Helena Blavatsky, along with W. Q. Judge and H. S. Olcott, form the Theosophical Society in New York.

H. P. Blavatsky writes many of her "most challenging articles" during this year for several Spiritualistic journals and New York newspapers.

Mary Baker Eddy publishes Science and Health.

Heinrich Schliemann publishes Troy and Its Remains.


May 31--Alphonse Louis Constant (Eliphas Levi) dies. Levi was 65.


H. P. Blavatsky moves away from Philadelphia. (Moves to New York City?)


H. P. Blavatsky starts writing Isis Unveiled.

"When I started to write that which developed later into Isis Unveiled, I had no more idea than the man in the moon what ould come of it. I had no plan; did not know whether it would be an essay, a pamphlet, a book, or an article. I knew that I had to write it, that was all."--H. P. Blavatsky

September 20th, H.P.B. mentions to N. A. Aksakov that she is working on a book called "Skeleton Key to Mysterious Gates." She says, "I'll show them up, your European and American men of science, Papists, Jesuits, and that race of half-learned, les chatres de la science, who destory everything without creating anything, and are incapable of creating."

Olcott wrote about Blavatsky's work, "If she had no plan, despite all her knowledge, does not that go to prove that the work was not of her own conception; that she was but the channel through which this tide fo fresh, vital essence was being poured into the stagnant poll of modern spritual thought?" [Obviously, this was a man who knew nothing about the working life of a writer.]

Olcott also wrote, "[Whence] did H. P. B. draw the materials which compose Isis, and which cannot be traced to accessible literary sources of quotation? From the Astral Light, and by her soul-senses, from her Teachers--the 'Brothers,' 'Adepts,' 'Sages,' 'Masters,' as they have been variously called."

[Was it a "tulku" mediator system that HPB used?]


October 12--Edward Alexander (Aliester) Crowley born at Leamington, Warwickshire (between eleven and midnight).

Mundane History

Mark Twain publishes The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Religious orders are abolished in Prussia.

London's main sewerage system is completed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free for today only

Shakespeare's Monkey
Morgan Drake Eckstein here--web master for the BIORC--as some of you may know, I am also a writer of fiction, hence this bit of shameless self-promotion.

Today (well technically until Friday September 14, 2012), you can get a free copy of my ebook Shakespeare's Monkey when you enter coupon code EX49A at the checkout. Why free today? Well, one of the stories contained in this volume was based on 9/11--apologizes to the dozen people that I blended together to create the characters (it was creative license)--and today is as good of a day to share that piece of fiction as any other.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Occult history 1874


Autumn--F. G. Irwin visits Eliphas Levi in Paris.

October 14--Helena P. Blavatsky meets Colonel Henry S. Olcott for the first time at Chittenden, Vermont. They start to correspond with one another; later, they will join forces to further the goals of Theosophy.

November--H. P. Blavatsky moves to Philadelphia.

December--S. N., Thomas Vaughan (F. G. Irwin) writes The Star Rising in the Est, or a Brilliant Light Revealed unto all Men. According to Darcy Kuntz, "It has similar initiation ceremonies as those contained in the Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript."

Important historical note: Colonel H. S. Olcott will lose his diaries for the years 1874 to 1877. This makes his accounts of the events of these years less than one hundred percent reliable as recounted in Old Diary Leaves. The missing years are those in which Blavatsky writes Isis Unveiled.

In mundane history:

First impressionist exhibition takes place in Paris. The term "impressionism" comes from the title, "Impression: Sunrise," a painting by Monet.

H. Solomon introduces pressure-cooking methods for the canning of food in the United States.

The first American zoo is established in Philadelphia.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Golden Dawn History 2007

2007--Expansion of Golden Dawn in Denver, Colorado USA

Due to the never-ending problems of the Golden Dawn trademark battle, Bast Temple drops all mention of being "Hermetic Order" from their rituals, and changes its official Order name to Ba Iset Order of the Rosy Cross (Golden Dawn in the Outer)--BIOGD/BIORC.

First Bast Temple led Open Full Moon Ritual (Hearthstone Community Church). This becomes an annual tradition for Bast Temple; starting in 2008, the Bast Temple OFM is typically done in June.

Morgan Drake Eckstein publishes Golden Dawn Rituals Volume One--Neophyte Ritual: Three Officer Version, a modified version of the ritual as used by Bast Temple (BIORC) through the print-on-demand service Lulu. It would be in print for one year before being withdrawn for expansion; ongoing time management problems would delay its re-release for years. (In 2012, an ebook version of the three officer version would be released through Smashwords.)

Thoth Amen-Ra, an independent GD lodge, opens its doors in Denver.

Thoth Hermes also starts operations in Denver. Originally, a lodge of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, the lodge will switch in 2011 to the Order of the Golden Dawn/Collegium Spiritu Sancti.

The creation of Thoth Amen-Ra and Thoth Hermes brings the number of functional Golden Dawn lodges in Denver, Colorado up to three. This allows the members of the Denver Golden Dawn community to be able to locate the "right lodge" for their individual tastes.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golden Dawn History 1899

1899--The last year of an unified Golden Dawn.

According to Darcy Kuntz, it is likely that the fifth version of the Preliminary Pledge Form of the Order of the Golden Dawn in the Outer in Anglia was issued by Mathers in this year.

The Mathers are living in Paris. They move from 38 Rue Mozart to 23 Rue St. Vincent in October.

The highlight of Mathers' work this year is his Rites of Isis. There are public performances of the Rites; the Sunday Chronicle writes an article (March 19) about his Egyptian religion and his devotion to Isis.

In March, Westcott writes to Gardner that "I feel a curious occult necessity not to act directly with any Soror occultist at [the] present time."

Mathers offers Annie Horniman a conditional reconcilation. Horniman demands better terms, a demand that Mathers refuses to consider.

November 21, the novelist, Arthur Machen (Avallaunius) is admitted to the Neophyte Grade.

December 8, Mathers suspends F.L. Gardner, partially due to Gardner's threat that he would publish the Golden Dawn rituals and lectures.

Florence Farr refuses to advance Aleister Crowley to the Adept Minor Grade, due to rumors about his sexual behavior. Despite theories put forth by Thelemites and an argument by the Beast himself, this event is just additional fuel to the powder keg that is about to explode, and not the cause itself of the Revolt of the Adepts that will start the following year. In fact, the Revolt of the Adepts would have happened even if Farr would have permitted Crowley to advance.

Sometime this year and extending into the next, Farr recieves material from the "Akashic Records" for The Order of Great Osiris the Savior. The ceremonies are to be performed during specific astrological events (conjunctions of the Sun with the Royal Stars, etc.) and center around a single god per ritual. Silent mediation and mantras are both heavily used in the rituals. Alex Sumner suggests that this was Farr's attempt to channel higher Grade rituals based on similarities with the later Stella Matutina 7=4 Adept Extemptus ritual.

By the end of 1899, the five Golden Dawn Temples, including Mathers' Ahathoor Temple (Paris), had initiated a total of 358 members into the Grade of Neophyte (0=0). 124 of these members had advanced all the way into the Grade of Adeptus Minor (5=6). By the end of 1900, Golden Dawn will be split into several factions and its exact membership numbers would become increasingly hard to figure out.

Updated 8 July 2012: Minor stylebook correction suggested by Chris.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

GD History 2012

Mark Greeg (?) (Imhotep) dies. (Or was it 2011?)


King Over the Water, a biography of Samuel Macgregor Mathers, by Nick Farrell is published.


Sanctuary of Maat officially closed.

The HOGD/AO holds their International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti--in which their Third Order unveils new magic for the Second Order. Despite offers to share with the Inner Order of other Golden Dawn groups, the Conclave is attended only by members of the AO (either due to the binding non-disclosure agreement or because of a conspiracy--take your pick).

(?) Names and Images by Peregrin Wildoak (?) is published.

(?) Enochian M. (?) by Dean Wilson is published.

Tabitha Cicero publishes the colored version of the "Westcott Tablets." In the same publication, she publishes the Mather's AO (Alpha et Omega) 6=5 Adeptus Major ritual. The modern HOGD/AO claim that it is only part four of the Adept Major Grade initiiation while others claim that it is the entirety of the 6=5 ritual used by Mather's AO.

The "Golden Dawn flame war" which had been relatively silent for several years erupts anew when one party decides to give one star ratings to all the books written by one of the writers of the opposition. This rapidly expands to a dividing of the community as one party declares that all who do not oppose the publication of everything that has been covered by a secrecy oath in the past are traitors to the larger esoteric tradition. Reputations are dragged through the mud, and eventually all parties involved decide to no longer allow opposing views to pollute their forums and blog comment sections.


Secret College program initiated by the HOGD/AO. Many reject it as an attempt to control the greater GD community.

The HOGD/AO announces that all of its rituals, both Inner and Outer, have been modified to address the profanation of its rituals. This announcement leds some in the Golden Dawn community to argue that the HOGD/AO is no longer a true GD/AO Order.


The Greek Nationalist Party Chrysi Avgi, which name translates into "Golden Dawn," wins seven percent of the vote in the Greek national elections, gaining the political party entry into the Greek Parliment for the first time. While the Chrysi Avgi claim not to be Neo-Nazi, they have used Nazi symbolism extensively in the past. Some in the GD community express concern that esoteric students will confuse the Greek right-wing political party with the esoteric tradition; one party touts it as proof that GD is corrupted while another party wants the GD community to bind together to deny involvement with the Chrysi Avgi.


June 8, Richard (?) "Skip" Dudchous, artist of the Classical Golden Dawn "color it yourself" Tarot deck, dies.

June 24, the 30th anniversary of the consecration of the Georgian (USA) Vault of the Adepti by Israel Regardie is celebrated by many in the Golden Dawn community.


KP organizes Project C. Fr. A becomes involved on July 19th. The project is the brainchild of Fr. P who was trying to get *** interested for years, in order to bring the project to fruition.

[This project was the Commentaries on the Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community.]


August 17, the HOGD/AO announces their third major Golden Dawn gathering and attempt to create peace in the Golden Dawn community--the 2013 Peace and Harmony Pow Wow--which will include new magic unveiled for the Outer Order by the Third Order. (So far, no other Golden Dawn Order has made an effort to make peace with the HOGD/AO.)


September 27, the HOGD/AO announces a new campaign--1000 Points of Light--a campaign to help create a thousand new personal temples. (By the end of September 2013, they had hit 305 new temples.By the beginning of December 2014, they had hit 492 new temples.)


October 16, David Godwin, author of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia dies.

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Golden Dawn History Source List

This is a list of the books that are being consulted for the Golden Dawn/Occult History series.

Cicero, Chic. and SandraTabtha Cicero. The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic. St. Paul, Minn.: Llwellyn Publications (2003).

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Wheatley, Dennis (editor). The Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult: Studies in Occultism. H. P. Blavatsky. London: Sphere Books (1974).

Zirkoff, Boris de (editor). Isis Unveiled (2 volumes). H. P. Blavatsky. Wheaton: Theosophical Publishing House (1994).

Websites and online sources are generally hyperlinked in the respective entries of the series.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 years for the HOGD Vault of the Adepti

The big Golden Dawn news this weekend is that it is the 30th anniversary of the consecration of the HOGD (Ciceros) Vault by Isreal Regardie. The consecration of the Vault was the rebirth of [Golden Dawn] Inner Order activity here in the United States. Since then, many Adepts have recieved their Adept Minor (5=6) initiation from the Ciceros.

For this and their other public work on the behalf of the Golden Dawn, I (Morgan Drake Eckstein, VH Frater MMLI) signed the public document that was being circulated, thanking the Ciceros for thirty years of hard work (actually, it is closer to 37 years of hard work when one considers the amount of work necessary to built that particular Vault of the Adepti).

Besides my official thanks, the following members of Bast Temple (BIORC) would also like me to note their thanks to the Ciceros:

Soror KS
Soror S
Soror MR

(and possibly others--I was sitting on the document until its official release--initials will be added as I recieve the requests)

The official thanks to the Ciceros and Regardie on the 30th anniversary of the HOGD Vault of the Adepti.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Newton's translation of the Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes as translated by Sir Isaac Newton (circa 1680 CE)

Tis true without lying, certain & most true. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to ye miracles of one only thing.

And as all things have been & arose from One by ye meditation of One; so all things have their birth from this One thing by adaptation.

The father is the sun, the moon its mother, the wind [air] hath carried it in its belly, the earth its nurse.

The father of all perfection on ye whole world is here, its force or power is entire if it be converted to earth. Separate thou ye earth from ye fire, ye subtle from the gross sweetly and with great industry.

It ascends from ye earth to ye heaven & again it descends to ye earth and recieves ye forces of things superior & inferior.

By this means you shall have ye glory of ye whole world & thereby all obscurity shall fly from you.

Its force is above all forces. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing. So was ye world created.

From this are & do come admirable adaptations whereof ye means [or process] is here in this. Hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus [the thrice illustrious], having the three parts of ye philosophy of ye whole world.

That which I have said of ye operation of ye sun is accomplished & ended.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Welcome to the blog of Bast Temple (BIOGD/BIORC), Golden Dawn in the Outer, Rosy Cross in the Inner, located in Denver, Colorado.

Bast Temple was formed in 2000, and was an offshoot of the EOEW which started in 1998 as an esoteric school for students in the Denver esoteric community.

Currently, Bast Temple holds monthly meetings for initiation and study of a modified version of the Golden Dawn system (partially based on published information, partially on unpublished oral tradition).

Bast Temple also sponsors and leads the occacional public ritual or class here in Denver, Colorado.

Over the years, our membership has included Christians, Jews, Wiccans, and pagans. Besides members in Denver, Bast Temple over the course of its existence has served members living in Arvada, Wheatridge, Littleton, Breckenridge, Evergreen, and Cheyenne Wyoming.

One of Bast Temple's officers has served as a Proctor for students working their way through the book, Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Tabitha Cicero.

Potential members of Bast Temple have to undergo an initial interview (typically with MDE), attend a meet and greet session, and must be approved by a vote of the current membership before they can become members of the lodge and recieve their forst initiation (Neophye 0=0) and/or attend regular meetings.