Apply for Denver membership

How does one become a member of Bast Temple in Denver, Colorado?

As of June 2014, Bast Temple is no longer accepting unsponsored applicants for membership. 

First, interested parties must get in contact MDE, the public contact officer, for Bast Temple. This is done through the Bast Temple email address (click here).

The second step is to meet with MDE for the "first contact" meeting. This meeting will occur in a public place, most likely a coffeeship near Colfax and York. (Exceptions might be made for persons who live outside of the Metro Denver area--talk to MDE.)

The phone numbers of membership will under no conditions be shared with non-members--initial communication must be through email and face-to-face meetings. Initial contact will NOT take place over the phone.

After the initial meeting, MDE will report back to the lodge membership. The lodge membership will vote on whether they want to proceed further with the application process. If the lodge desires to proceed, the applicant will be given the necessary information to attend the next public "meet and greet" session.

After attending the meet and greet meeting, interested parties can officially apply for Bast Temple membership. Upon recieving the official application, the active members of the lodge will vote on whether or not to admit the applicant.

If the applicant is approved, they will pay their annual dues ($120 unless arrangements for hardship are approved by the membership). They will recieve their Neophyte (0=0) Grade initiation at the earliest opportunity that the lodge has to perform it.